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PPHU JANPOL s.c. is a direct manufacturer of high quality workwear and protective clothing since 1990, we dress up the success of many reputable companies both in Poland and abroad.
By sewing clothes for a particular customer we duplicate his existing designs or we prepare our own, compatible collections for all seasons. Each recipient receives an individual, unique collection that meets his or her expectations and requirements.


We take care of details and match the details in the clothes to the needs of the employees at the given job, thus creating a new image of the world of work, and all our products meet the requirements of safety regulations.

Every piece of clothing is an individual work for us, from which we are proud. From our machines come out clothes that not only protect the employee, but also add glamor to the company.

Our brand is a modern professional clothing combining both comfort and product quality. Many years of experience gained in cooperation with both domestic and foreign customers is reflected in the quality of the clothing produced.

Each and every customer we treat uniquely and individually tailor our offer to the specific needs and requirements.

Commitment and professionalism are the qualities that define our approach to our projects.

What makes us stand out?


  • custom-made production with the right sized fit
  • a wide range of clothing designs
  • guarantee of the highest quality
  • fast order execution time
  • the ability to produce under the customer’s own brand

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