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JANPOL S.C. – we are the manufacturer of the highest quality protective clothing



Indywidual Approach

Every customer is unique to us. Everyone has different needs. We understand this, so we tailor our offer to individual needs.

DECADES od experience

On the market we are present for several decades. The offer we have prepared for you is the result of our rich experience.

Modern thinking

We use the latest technological advances, our BHP protective clothing combines quality and durability with comfort and original design.


The wide choice and ability to personalize our products is just the beginning.

Would you like to know more?

Please contact our service department.


Now we will be silent and let our customers tell you what they think of our products and service

“I was waiting for delivery but I am satisfied.
Employees look good and I do not have to change clothes every 2 months.
And finally, everyone has my logo on clothing.”

Dorota | Production company from Lodz

“Previously, I dressed staff in “Chinese”.
Now I am ordering clothes in Janpol and finally being right size for the people and what I wanted.
They are very durable, work really well on roadworks”

Michal | Construction company