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Additional Info

Below you will find information about sizes, colors and maintenance.


In order to keep your clothing free of movements, you should choose the right size for your figure.

Measurements should be made on lightweight outerwear without adding loops. Our garments are made up of ready-to-wear fabrics in accordance with the Polish Standard.

We sew professional clothing according to standard sizes (see dimensions in the table above) as well as we produce tailor-made clothes, taking into account the individual dimensions of each person.

We make clothing for people with unusual silhouettes, however, this involves an additional fee.

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Our production is made from high quality technical fabrics, designed for sewing professional clothing. We import them from Germany, Norway and other EU countries.

Thanks to this, the products are characterized by high tear resistance, durable shrinkage and rich colors.


Workwear is operated under a variety of operating conditions. To maintain its usefulness it must be preserved in accordance with the labels placed directly on the products.

Proceedings appropriate to the manufacturer’s recommendations will ensure that the product looks and lasts for a long time.

Here are some explanations for the labels: